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Getting arrested is a tough situation. Whether it’s you or a member of your family behind bars, it doesn’t matter. It is still a big problem. And this is especially true of you don’t have any cash or liquid assets to post bail. This is also true even if you’re not yet behind bars but a warrant has already been issued for your arrest. If you don’t have any cash to pay your fine or whatever restitution the court requires, chances are you’re going to end up in jail. Looks bleak, right? Sounds like you’re all out of options. But if you’re located in and around Gastonia, NC, there’s still hope for you. Alpha Omega Bail Bonding can help solve your problem.

We can assist you in negotiating with the court to accept collateral in lieu of bail. Or if that’s not possible, we can post bail for you and take the collateral you’re putting up. Either way, we can help you with a legal remedy to get out of jail or stay out of it altogether. And because of our solid reputation in this area, courts and judges are inclined to work with us. So it would really do you a world of good if you get us on your side as soon as you’re in this kind of pickle.

So for all your bail bonding and collateral negotiations needs, you don’t have to look hard and look far. Call Alpha Omega Bail Bonding and we’re available to help you out 24/7.

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  • Dawn EHR Avatar
    Dawn EHR
    3/16/2019 - Google

    Helped out in the greatest possible way. Extremely professional and very nice. Keisha and Bobby provided service that nobody else could.

    Corey Miller Avatar
    Corey Miller
    10/16/2017 - Google

    Bobby was a tremendous help in a time of need for my family. I'd highly recommend him to others who... read more

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